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Quantitative Finance Conferences Taking Place in 2023

The premier quantitative finance conferences and networking events.


Quantitative finance conferences present a great opportunity to fast-track your career in this field. These events cover the latest research developments and also allow for networking opportunities with senior leaders in the world of quantitative finance. Esteemed conferences tend to attract both students and industry practitioners alike. In fact, many of the most established conferences host the heads of quantitative research at companies like BlackRock, Morgan Stanley, and more. With this prestige often comes a hefty price tag, as many of these conferences are quite expensive to attend.

While many conferences take place each year, there are few that are renown for their long legacy and the quality of individuals they attract. Often the conferences with the highest pedigree, take place at ivy-league universities. In this article, we'll cover a list of the top quantitative finance conferences taking place in the United States later this year.

List of Quantitative Finance Conferences

  1. Princeton Fintech & Quant Conference
  2. MIT Quant & AI Conference
  3. Wharton Quantitative Financial Research Conference
  4. CQF Institute Quant Insights Conference
  5. International Conference on Financial Mathematics and Computational Finance

Princeton Fintech & Quant Conference

This conference is one of the premier quantitative finance conferences across all of academia. Featuring a panel of quantitative finance leaders, this event covers high-frequency algorithmic trading, statistical arbitrage, and model construction/validation. Furthermore, this conference presents a unique opportunity for students to directly network with the panelists and all those in attendance of the event. In this year's panel, the head of quantitative research at Bloomberg, the head of analytics at BNY Mellon, the VP at Morgan Stanley, and more will be in attendance.

MIT Quant & AI Conference

The MIT Quant & AI Conference is a student-led event that includes designated periods for networking, panel discussions on quantitative finance topics, and a series of keynote presentations and debates. The discussions and presentations held throughout the conference involve leaders in the field of quantitative finance. Last year's conference included the Director of AI at IBM, Head of Decision Science at Fidelity Investments, Head of Quantitative Research at Barclays, and many more.

Wharton Quantitative Financial Research Conference

While the previous two conferences were much more industry-focused, the Wharton conference tends to be more research/academic in nature. At this conference, many leaders in quantitative research give presentations on their discoveries and findings. In addition, there is a panel discussion featuring high executives from hedge funds and other financial institutions. Last year's panel included the CIO at Kepos Capital and a Principal at AQR Capital Management.

CQF Institute Quant Insights Conference

Each year, the CQF Institute holds a series of quantitative finance conferences that bring together practitioners from all over the world. These conferences are held virtually and are completely free to attend. This year, the CQF Institute is hosting conferences covering portfolio management, the Black-Scholes model, and machine learning. Each conference features speakers who are leading quants from industry or academia.

International Conference on Financial Mathematics and Computational Finance

The ICFMCM is a federated organization that hosts scholarly events and conferences for students, academics, and industry researchers. These conferences serve as opportunities to share experiences and research results on all aspects of Financial Mathematics and Computational Finance. Authors of research papers have the chance to present their work, and observers can learn from their findings. Previous conferences covered a wide variety of topics ranging from portfolio management to sentiment analysis and natural language processing.


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