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Associate Derivatives Salestrader

Falcon X
Associate Derivatives Salestrader
New York, US
200,000 - 200,000
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Job Description

Daily responsibilities (“You Will”)

  • Support the management of a risk book of cryptocurrency derivatives to generate superior risk-adjusted pnl to the tune of 100% return on capital.

  • Manage client relationships and build the book of business.

  • Lead derivatives trade executions to face clients and hedge these trades with Liquidity providers.

  • Optimize collateral usage on an ongoing basis to maximize return on capital and mitigate exchange risk.

  • Involvement in analytics development efforts to measure, monitor and manage day to day risks.

  • Be a contributing member of the 24x7 derivatives desk coverage team.

  • Generate ideas and provide solutions for bespoke needs of clients.

  • Manage daily liquidity and inventory of positions.

  • Risk reporting to the management on a daily basis.

  • Manage cross-functional work streams to build the desk.

  • Provide support to the product team towards building options platform.

Past Experience (“You Have”)

  • 3-7 years of experience managing an OTC derivatives book.

  • Experience managing risk of multi-instrument OTC positions.

  • Trade execution experience with both OTC and electronic venues.

  • Experience managing at least $50mm of risk capital.

  • Been on a team of multiple traders in the trading group.

  • Experience in managing derivatives risks.

12 month goals and KPIs

  • Support growth of the derivatives trading team with 24x7 coverage and streamline processes.

  • Exposure to the deployment of $50 mm in capital that generated 100% annualized returns.




  • Base: $ 200k

  • Cash Incentives: TBD% of the net returns on the derivatives book.

  • Equity incentives: TBD

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