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C++ Quantitative Technologist Intern

Radix Trading
C++ Quantitative Technologist Intern
Chicago, US
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Job Description

As a C++ Quantitative Technologist Intern, your goal is to enhance live trading systems, research infrastructure, and alpha generation through technology innovation.

We leverage cutting-edge software and hardware (mostly with modern C++) to push production level code daily and evolve fully-automated strategies, alpha generation processes, live trading systems, and machine learning research and simulation infrastructure used to analyze petabytes of data.

We provide starter projects that we know will add value to the firm, while encouraging exploration and independent projects to improve inefficiencies, propose iterations, and own significant processes and tools within your first few months.


We’re looking for highly analytical people who want to help build the research-driven trading firm of the future. And to do that, you’ll need the following qualities:

Persistent Drive to Improve - Do you have an innate desire to rise to the next level, even after great accomplishments?

Creative Problem Solving and Probabilistic Thinking - You must enjoy learning and implementing new concepts quickly, combining knowledge from different domains to create new ideas, and take a data-driven and probabilistic approach to testing and implementing new ideas.

Team Mindset - We want people who understand 1+1 > 2 and are as committed to making the team better through sharing ideas as they are driven to improve their individual performance.

Mental Flexibility & Self Awareness - You’ll have to frequently adapt based on new data, results, and feedback on your ideas and performance.

Orientation for Making Money - Although we value academic training, our work is not an academic exercise. We take a hacker’s approach to testing ideas, dropping projects that consume time without high upside, and focusing our next efforts on what will create the most value for the firm.

Software development skills to have or develop

Low-level computer languages like C or C++; awareness of strength in particular language and ability to solve more complex problems due to understanding nuances of the language

Understanding of data structures, algorithmic complexities, and numerical algorithms

Systems Architecture - knowledge and experience with distributed systems and communication

Software Architecture - knowledge and experience working with a large code base

Development Processes - experience delivering and deploying software in production environments

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