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Commodities Analyst Intern

Xantium Group
Commodities Analyst Intern
London, GB
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Job Description

Xantium is seeking interns with exceptional analytical capability, an interest in how the physical world interacts with financial markets and a strong understanding of economic theory. Commodity analysts at Xantium are responsible for researching, developing and maintaining mathematical models used to forecast future supply and demand of commodities in real time. They also model how supply and demand dynamics impact pricing of global commodity markets. The process is collaborative, involving direct access to and guidance from senior quantitative portfolio managers and analysts with years of experience across commodity markets. Our commodity analysts learn various research techniques, how to work with different types of data, about specific markets and nuances thereof, in addition to numerous other areas of skills development.

Examples of responsibilities include:

  • Econometric modelling of commodity supply, demand and storage
  • Assimilating, aggregating and combining large datasets from a variety of sources
  • Researching, developing and implementing quantitative trading signals/models
  • Developing and maintaining modelling infrastructure
  • Supporting production trading operations

If working at the intersection of finance and the physical world excites you, please get in touch. What could we achieve together? Let’s find out.

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