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Data Analyst, Customer Strategy Department - Platform Strategy Supervisory Department (CSD)

Data Analyst, Customer Strategy Department - Platform Strategy Supervisory Department (CSD)
Tokyo, Japan
86,000 - 136,000
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Job Description

Job Description:

Business Overview

Rakuten group has almost 100 million customers based in Japan and 1 billion globally as well, providing more than 70 services in a variety such as e-commerce, payment services, financial services, telecommunication, media, sports, etc.

Department Overview

Up until now, Rakuten has expanded its business scale centered on the shopping mall business "Rakuten Ichiba" and the credit card business "Rakuten Card," and has grown to sales of 800 billion yen and total domestic distribution of 8.8 trillion yen. In the future, Rakuten will make the most of the assets such as "Rakuten members," "Rakuten points," "brand power," and "member data" that it has cultivated mainly online, and will be stronger, including living offline. We have a vision of creating a new business model that establishes the "Rakuten Economic Zone."

Among them, the Platform Business Strategy Management Department is an organization under the direct control of the COO and Vice President, and is working on the promotion of ecosystem growth strategies and measures centered on marketing across the Rakuten Group.


Why We Hire

In order to establish an even stronger "Rakuten Economic Circle" in the future, Platform Strategy Supervisory Department combines a wide variety of data across multiple businesses (web access logs, purchase data, point acquisition/use data, etc.) to extract user insights and develop specific marketing measures and products using these insights. We are promoting specific marketing measures and product development using these data. We are looking for a data professional to support these marketing strategy activities.

Position Details

Based on your experience, you will be responsible for the following data analysis & extraction related tasks.

- User analysis for strategic planning (this will be the basis for strategy proposals to the President and Vice President)

- User analysis for marketing planning & product planning

- Create user segments for marketing actions & personalization

- Post-release effectiveness measurement of marketing actions & product improvements

- KPI reporting using BI tools

- Support data extraction for members of the department

- Maintaining data infrastructure for the above


Mandatory Qualifications:

- Experience in IT or Internet industry

- Experience in data extraction and data analysis using database (SQL)

- Good balance of business perspective and data analysis skills

Desired Qualifications:

- Experience in user analysis of consumer-oriented web services

- Experience in web marketing

- Experience with site analysis tools (Adobe SiteCatalyst, Google Analytics, etc.)

- Experience handling raw data such as web access logs

- Experience with DWH/BI projects

- Experience implementing data processing using Python, Perl, Excel VBA, etc.

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