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Data Scientist Intern

Data Scientist Intern
120,000 - 180,000
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Job Description

We're looking for world-class, data geeks to join our team where you will have the opportunity to build on top of our world-class advertising data systems to drive new insights around campaign effectiveness, sales forecasting, and advertising platform robustness. 

As a Data Scientist you will leverage the latest machine learning and data science techniques to produce validated solutions for us in our advertising platforms to help drive revenue and sales.

Your Day

  • Exploring large data sets for relationships, insights, and anomalies
  • Explore and build machine learning models to explain the past or predict the future
  • Derive actionable insights from data to drive data-driven decisions
  • Work with product managers  and engineers to tackle business challenges on advertising domain

You Must Have

  • Currently pursuing M.S. in Computer Science, Control Theory, Electrical Engineering, Statistics, Applied Mathematics, or a related quantitative field
  • The ability to excel in abstract and statistical thinking while deeply grounded in solid business judgment
  • Interpersonal communication and relationship skills including the ability to explain complex analytical concepts to non-experts
  • Data Science experience in solving classification and clustering problems on the web, performing information retrieval from unstructured and semi-structured data set, and building supervised and semi-supervised learning solutions, recommendation engines and user behavior modeling (Personalization)
  • Proficient programming skills in languages and frameworks such as Java, Python, and R
  • Experience with big data technologies such as Hadoop (Pig/Hive), Spark, or other related technologies
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