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Data Scientist Specialist

Data Scientist Specialist
Parque dos Resedas, Campinas, Brazil
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Job Description

Position Summary

SRBR is looking for a Data Scientist to help our team to generate innovative health features for Samsung wearable and mobile devices. The ideal candidate has experience in working with time-series data and sensor data extracted from a variety of mobile and wearable devices.
The candidate will work with our team of researchers, Artificial Intelligence specialists, data scientists, developers and health domain specialists in order to design and deliver innovative health features to Samsung devices and services. The candidate will work on projects that impact the life of millions of people worldwide, helping them to improve their health and wellbeing.

Role and Responsibilities

- Contribute to data organization, synchronization and cleaning from a set of different sources
- Analyze data in order to understand behavior of the source (data mining, visualization, exploratory data analysis, etc.)
- Organize data in order to guarantee high quality data for AI algorithms
- Effectively solve complex research and development problems through data modeling/analysis/prediction
- Contribute to SRBR Intelligence R&D Lab projects, which have the purpose of producing innovative Intelligence technology components for (a) equipping Samsung smart devices, and (b) enabling innovative new services;

Opportunity in Campinas/SP.
_ Confidential and proprietary information obtained by the candidate during his employment history with other companies must be kept as such (Confidential & Proprietary) throughout the selection process and must not be questioned in any way._

Skills and Qualifications

Applies company policies and procedures to resolve routine issues;
Follows standard practices and procedures.

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