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Engineer - ML Technology

Man Group
Engineer - ML Technology
London, GB
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Job Description

The Team

Machine Learning Technology is a small and agile team that facilitates the use of machine learning tools across Man Group, with a particular focus on generative AI. Alongside developing and provisioning the platform, we also consult with teams throughout the business assisting them in transforming their concepts into high-impact solutions.

As an engineer in the Machine Learning Technology team, you will help to develop a cutting-edge platform used by teams across Man Group. Your role will involve collaborating closely with these teams and individuals to deeply understand their needs and guide them in leveraging the platform. Where required, you will also use both the platform and your expertise to design and implement bespoke solutions to meet their requirements.

Positioned at the crossroads of finance and the burgeoning field of AI engineering, the Machine Learning Technology team exists in a rapidly progressing space. This team provides an opportunity to make significant contributions across the business, developing solutions to problems that were very recently considered to be either impossible or extremely difficult to solve.

Our Technology

Our platform utilises Python for the backend and for developer APIs, with the frontend tooling written using TypeScript and React. Our development and production environments are based on Linux and the teams we work and collaborate with will typically be heavy users of the Python scientific stack. We also engage with teams who work primarily in Java or C#.

Working Here

Man Tech has a small company, no-attitude feel. It is flat structured, open, transparent and collaborative, and you will have plenty of opportunity to grow and have enormous impact on what we do. We are actively engaged with the broader technology community.

  • We host and sponsor London’s PyData and Machine Learning Meetups

  • We open-source some of our technology. See

  • We regularly talk at leading industry conferences, and tweet about relevant technology and how we’re using it. See @ manquanttech

We’re fortunate enough to have a fantastic open-plan office overlooking the River Thames, and continually strive to make our environment a great place in which to work.

  • We organise regular social events, everything from photography through climbing, karting, wine tasting and monthly team lunches

  • As well as PC’s and Macs, in our office you’ll also find numerous pieces of cool tech such as light cubes and 3D printers, a maker-space and music room with guitars and a piano.

We offer competitive compensation, a generous holiday allowance, various health and other flexible benefits. We are also committed to continuous learning and development via coaching, mentoring, regular conference attendance and sponsoring academic and professional qualifications.

Technology and Business Skills

We strive to hire only the brightest and best and most highly skilled and passionate technologists.


  • Demonstrable enthusiasm for AI engineering and harnessing it to create impact; stays up to date with major advancements in AI tools and models

  • A proponent of collaborative software engineering techniques and methods

  • Strong knowledge of Python

  • Proficient on Linux platforms with knowledge of various scripting languages

  • Experience of data analysis techniques along with relevant libraries e.g. NumPy/SciPy/Pandas

  • A keen interest and understanding of financial markets and instruments

  • Relevant mathematical knowledge e.g. statistics, optimisation algorithms.

Advantageou s

  • Experience with language processing techniques or toolkits such as NLTK

  • Experience designing or utilising document search tools

  • Experience utilising or fine-tuning generative models (e.g. large language models or diffusion-based models)

  • Experience building and deploying data visualisation tools

Personal Attributes

  • Strong academic record and a degree with high mathematical and computing content e.g. Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering or Physics from a leading university

  • Craftsman-like approach to building software; takes pride in engineering excellence and instils these values in others

  • Demonstrable passion for technology e.g. personal projects, open-source involvement

  • Intellectually robust with a keenly analytic approach to problem solving

  • Self-organised with the ability to effectively manage time across multiple projects and with competing business demands and priorities

  • Excellent interpersonal skills; able to establish and maintain a close working relationship with traders, quantitative researchers, and senior business people alike

  • Confident communicator; able to argue a point concisely and deal positively with conflicting views.

Man Alpha Technology

Alpha Technology is a wholly front-office aligned business unit, responsible for all of the technology in Man Group that drives trading decision making. It numbers approximately 170 engineers who help drive technical innovation across the firm’s investment managers by application of a strong technology platform. It is structured into a number of distinct teams, some cross-cutting building technology and others aligned to an individual investment manager building specific quant or portfolio management tools, or systematic trading systems:

  • Alpha Platform Technology – responsible for the common front-office platform, comprising Data Engineering, Python Research and Development Infrastructure and Linux High Performance Compute.
  • Execution Technology – responsible for all Electronic Execution Technology and Trader facing tools.
  • Risk Technology – responsible for front office Risk Technology and Risk Reporting.
  • AHL Technology – responsible for technology specific to Man AHL, a quant systematic investment manager.
  • GLG Technology – responsible for technology specific to Man GLG, a fundamental discretionary investment manager.
  • Numeric Technology – responsible for technology specific to Man Numeric, a quant systematic investment manager.
  • GPM Technology - responsible for technology specific to Man GPM, a private markets business focused on real-estate assets.

** Work-Life Balance and Benefits at Man**

Man Group is proud to provide the best working environment possible for all of its employees, and we are committed to equality of opportunity. At Man Group we believe that a diverse workforce is a critical factor in the success of our business, and this is embedded in our culture and values. We run a number of external and internal initiatives, partnerships and programmes that help us to attract and develop talent from diverse backgrounds and encourage diversity and inclusion across our firm and industry. Man Group is also a Signatory of the Women in Finance Charter.

Man Group supports many charities, and global initiatives. We support professional training and development, and requests for flexible or part-time working. Employees are also offered two 'Mankind' days of paid leave per year as part of the Man Charitable Trust's community volunteering programme.

We offer comprehensive, firm-wide employee benefits including competitive holiday entitlements, pension/401k, life and long-term disability coverage, group sick pay, enhanced parental leave and long-service leave. Additional benefits are tailored to local markets and may include private medical coverage, discounted gym membership and wellbeing programmes.

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