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Graduate DeFi Algorithmic Trader

Graduate DeFi Algorithmic Trader
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Job Description

About Wintermute

At Wintermute our mission is to enable, empower and advance the truly decentralized world for more transparent and efficient markets and products.

We do this by providing liquidity algorithmically across most trading venues in crypto, supporting all major centralized and decentralized trading venues, AMMs, RFQs, aggregators and chains. Wintermute is also offering best-in-class OTC products to crypto native as well as traditional financial institutions.

Wintermute is actively participating in the building and development of the blockchain ecosystem through investments from Wintermute Ventures, partnerships and co-development with upcoming protocols and incubation of own projects. We act as official liquidity providers for a large number of the world’s highest profile blockchain projects.

Wintermute is a hyper-growth highly profitable business with a very ambitious vision and roadmap. We manage billions of dollars in assets and trade more than $5B/day. We are backed by Lightspeed, Pantera Capital, Sino Global Capital, Ventures, Avon Ventures by Fidelity Investments, DeFi Alliance and other top tier investors. We are run as a technology company, not a financial service provider, and we build our culture around core values of ambition, collaboration, entrepreneurship, transparency and meritocracy.

Working in the DeFi team

We are looking for an Algorithmic Trader to join our team to help us build and maintain the systems that drive our on-chain searching. You will focus both on designing and implementing trading strategies as well as the core microservices and backend infrastructure required by the trading engine.

Our trading is very technologically focused and our traders are akin to programmatic problem solvers. Similar to the ethos of most builders within the space, this role requires you to wear many hats. You will work and contribute across multiple code bases in a variety of languages whilst pushing and exploring the frontiers of the design space within the ecosystem.

We pride ourselves on running a tight knit and collaborative team and so you can expect to work closely with experienced traders who will be teaching and guiding you on how to contribute and improve our systems. Team members are encouraged to cultivate their own narratives, challenge each other and investigate new domains together.


  • Proficiency in programming with at least one of the following: Python, Rust or Go
  • Comfortable working on Linux environments and Git version control
  • Experience with programmatic statistical analysis and quantitative / analytic skills
  • High level understanding of high-frequency market making strategies
  • Understanding of blockchain fundamentals and mechanics of the EVM
  • Familiarity with smart contract development and the Foundry toolkit
  • A passion for learning about protocol microstructure and design mechanisms

Wintermute Offer

  • A unique opportunity to work on very interesting projects, get the level of responsibility and ownership that would be unlikely at any other project or trading firm
  • A unique opportunity to join one of the strongest and most successful DeFi teams globally
  • With Wintermute you don’t make a bet on a single product, platform, chain or technology; we’ll win if DeFi wins as a whole
  • Great company culture: informal, non-hierarchical, ambitious, highly professional yet collaborative and entrepreneurial
  • A cool office in central London with a sci-fi touch
  • Although we are unable to accept fully remote candidates, we support significant flexibility in regards to working from home and working hours.
  • Aligned incentive structure: a significant part of your compensation is similar to that of owners - significant performance-based variable pay and the best thing - your contribution directly impacts both and the upside is unlimited
  • We offer UK work permits and help in relocation
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