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Machine Learning Research Engineer

Scale Ai
Machine Learning Research Engineer
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Job Description

The goal of the ML team at Scale is to develop machine learning solutions to advance the company mission. Our current focus areas are computer vision ( 2D/3D detection, 2D/3D segmentation, object tracking), meta-learning (e.g. semi-supervised learning, active learning), and Natural Language Processing. You’ll be working on a combination of deeply technical ML applications in production and cutting-edge research problems. Working at Scale will give you opportunities to work with our wide customer base which includes leading research teams and exposure to a wide range of problems within machine learning.

We are building a large hybrid human-machine system in service of ML pipelines for dozens of industry-leading customers. Our machine learning models form the basis for Scale’s expansion and future product strategy. We currently complete billions of tasks a month and will continue to grow to support more complex use cases and more advanced ML-powered products.

Example Projects:

  • Research and develop machine learning solutions to assist humans in the loop.
  • Aid in the creation of high-quality ground truth data with speed and accuracy.
  • Work with public Large Language models to benchmark and make custom versions for internal use cases.
  • Take state-of-the-art models developed internally and from the community, use them in production to solve problems for our customers and taskers.
  • Take models currently in production, identify areas for improvement, improve them using retraining and hyperparameter searches, then deploy without regressing on core model characteristics
  • Work with product and research teams to identify opportunities for improvement in our current product line and for enabling upcoming product lines
  • Work with massive datasets to develop both generic models as well as fine tune models for specific products

Ideally you’d have:

  • PhD or MS with a focus on Machine Learning, Deep Learning, or Computer Vision and have published papers in Machine Learning fields
  • Have had a previous experience with Machine Learning, Deep Learning, or Computer Vision
  • Experience with one or more general purpose programming languages, including: Python, Javascript, or similar.
  • Ability to speak and write in English fluently.

Disclaimer: This position is for a full-time contractor

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