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Quant Trader

Geneva Trading
Quant Trader
Chicago, US
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Job Description


Monitor and execute algorithmic trading strategies in live markets. Actively manage risk to maximize profits in accordance with all company’s risk procedures. Take initiative with research, identification, and implementation of profitable trading opportunities. Conduct research of past trading performance to improve revenue capture, risk management, and market coverage. Collaborate closely with quantitative analysts and contribute new analysis material to team’s knowledge database. Participate in training of new team members and continue improving training process documentation. Propose, research, back test and optimize new features for proprietary trading system. Collaborate cross-functionally with technology team to improve proprietary trading system performance. Option to Telecommute.


This position requires a Master’s degree, or foreign equivalent, in Financial Mathematics or a related field, plus 2 years of experience in trading or a related industry. Additionally, the applicant must have professional experience with 1) Analyzing financial products fundamentals including derivatives and details around their pricing; 2) Performing financial strategy design, analysis, and parameter optimization to maximize strategy performance using calculus, linear algebra, probability, statistics, and stochastic process; 3) Designing and implementing multivariate data analysis of financial data set and back testing trading systems; 4) Analyzing exchange specific micro market data dissemination process and conducting analysis of market data streams by utilizing market microstructure theories; and 5) Utilizing programming languages including Python, R, and Q (kdb).

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