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Quantitative Analytics Analyst Graduate Program

Quantitative Analytics Analyst Graduate Program
New York, US
125,000 - 125,000
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Job Description

The team that delivers world-class solutions

Our industry-leading group provides model development, analytics and valuable quantitative advice to businesses across the bank. Applying to our program, means the opportunity to join one of our specialist teams, including:

Derivatives and Securities Modelling Quants

Are specialized modelers and developers responsible for researching, innovating, developing, testing, implementing, and supporting all quantitative models used for valuation and risk management across all asset classes. Joining a group that partners with traders and risk managers across the bank, you’ll gain the widest exposure to a variety of modelling techniques and instruments to help drive business strategy.

Statistical Modelling Quants:

Are made up of data scientists, developers, data engineers, and researchers who deliver solutions to develop, test, implement, and support all statistical models for the estimation of default probabilities, recovery rates and exposures at default, forecasting models for net revenue and balance sheet projections, scenario generation, operational risk, climate change, economic capital models and machine learning models for fraud detection, all while using the latest model development approaches and advancements in technology.

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