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Quantitative Researcher

Aquatic Capital Management
Quantitative Researcher
Chicago, US
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Job Description

Quantitative Researcher

Responsibilities: Design computer programs that extract signals from finance data, train
models to predict future returns, and optimize the execution of portfolios to maximize
profits. Must live within normal commuting distance of worksite. 20% remote work


  • Master’s degree in Computer Science or related field
    10 months of related experience

  • Any amount of experience building data scraping/ingestions, storage, visualization
    and validation pipelines

  • Any amount of experience applying statistical and data science techniques to
    alternative datasets in order to generate company level forecasts

  • Any amount of experience constructing tradable signals and portfolios from
    company level forecasts and work on techniques to combine them into trading

  • Any amount of experience building general reporting tools and analysis tools for
    datasets and models

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