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Quantitative Researcher, Systematic Equities

Millennium Management
Quantitative Researcher, Systematic Equities
Irvine, CA - 325 Shadow Oaks
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Job Description

Quantitative Researcher, Systematic Equities

Job Description: Quantitative Researcher, Systematic Equities

Please direct all resume submissions to QuantTalentUS and reference REQ-16057 in the subject.

Millennium is a top tier global hedge fund with a strong commitment to leveraging market innovations in technology and data to deliver high-quality returns.

A small, collaborative, entrepreneurial and highly pedigreed systematic investment team is seeking a Junior Quantitative Researcher. This opportunity provides a dynamic and fast-paced environment with excellent opportunities for career growth.


Irvine, CA

Principal Responsibilities

  • Evaluation of various datasets for price prediction, portfolio construction, post trade analysis, or any combination of the three
    • Research and develop short-term trading signals, using a large variety of market and fundamental datasets, to be deployed in systematic trading environment
    • Assist with developing and extending the team’s proprietary research platform
    • Identify and onboard new global markets
  • Collaborate with the SPM and trading group team members in a transparent environment, engaging with the whole investment process from idea generation through execution

Preferred Technical Skills

  • PhD in Computer Science, Statistics, Engineering, Applied Mathematics, Physics or related STEM field

    • PhD or post-doctoral experience preferred, though will consider exceptional candidates with a Bachelor or Master’s degree
  • Strongly skilled in any of the following: C, C++, Java, Python, Fortran, Matlab or other similar languages

  • Excellent communication, analytical and quantitative skills

Preferred Experience

  • Demonstrated flexibility, curiosity, and willingness to acquire new skill sets, which may be displayed by completing a variety of projects in the past
  • Experience working on research projects with highly uncertain results, which may be displayed through research experience acquired through PhD research or summer research for undergraduates
  • Good publication record (high impact journals) for PhD and post-docs, either in a leading role or supporting role

Highly Valued Relevant Experience

  • Completed internship within a systematic trading team at a buy-side firm
  • Experience working with financial data
  • Experience working with a shared codebase
  • Leading author on a highly creative research project

Target Start Date

  • As soon as possible
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