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Research Engineer

Edgestream Partners
Research Engineer
New York, US
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Job Description

Edgestream Partners is a tight-knit team of scientists, engineers, and business professionals who devote our talents to developing quantitative models of financial markets and using them to trade systematically around the world and around the clock.

Edgestream’s culture has more in common with research laboratories and technology startups than with traditional finance. We prize curiosity, creativity, diligence, and intellectual honesty. We focus on the long term, working together to build elegant and general systems that endure and scale as we grow. And we incentivize our employees to cooperate and share ideas, because we know that compounding our efforts magnifies our achievements. The result is a company where smart, dedicated effort can have a major impact.

We’ve been in the hedge fund business since 2003, and we’re still growing. We’re looking for talented and driven people who can grow with us in the years ahead.

About the Job

The Research group at Edgestream consists of highly skilled scientists and engineers, working in collaboration to unravel some of finance’s hardest problems. Within this group, our Research Engineers have primary responsibility for the quantitative software platform which underpins our scientific endeavors. Together, we build novel machine learning tools, do cutting edge research in computation, and run large scale scientific experiments with market data.

This role is a mixed one, well-suited to someone who is equally passionate about software development and scientific research. A successful candidate would care about writing elegant code, take satisfaction in building world class infrastructure, and enjoy using these skills to crack hard scientific problems.

This position will be located in either Princeton, NJ or New York, NY.


  • A Computer Science, Mathematics or Physical Sciences degree, preferably a Ph.D.

  • A track record of writing correct and efficient code for mathematical systems.

  • Comfort with Unix.

  • Fluency in various languages and tools, e.g. Python, C, NumPy, Cython, SQL, Git

  • Able to balance longer-term objectives with immediate needs.

  • Works well with others and independently.

Some of the benefits of working at Edgestream:

  • Competitive salary, bonus, and incentive compensation based on overall company performance.
  • Fantastic resources, accumulated over decades, for turning ideas into reality.
  • Comprehensive, first-class benefits (including excellent medical and dental insurance, 401(k), HRA, FSA, life insurance, catered lunch, and an onsite gym).
  • For qualified employees, the opportunity to invest in our funds.

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