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Search Data Scientist, Search Quality Improvement Platform - Search Department (SED)

Search Data Scientist, Search Quality Improvement Platform - Search Department (SED)
100,000 - 160,000
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Job Description

Job Description:

Business Overview

Rakuten is the biggest marketplace of Japan and is the largest internet ecosystem with wide range of services ranging from e-Commerce, Travel, Banking, Fintech, Food Delivery, Golf, Insurance, Instant Messaging, Mobile Network etc. Rakuten has over 140 services globally. Our mission is to empower people and society through the internet while aiming at becoming the Global Innovation Company.

Department Overview
Rakuten’s technology organization has more than 1000 employees across Product Management, Research, Analytics, Product Development and Operations. Rakuten’s technical organization is responsible for building products that enable various business of Rakuten globally.

With over a billion of Rakuten users interact with Rakuten's interfaces, where the growing number of user interface (UI) elements (search results, recommendations, advertisements, etc.) is commanded by computer control systems that continuously optimize UI response to better serve both users and shareholders.


Why We Hire

These intelligent data processing systems convert the daily terabytes of user behaviour data into KPI-optimising control signals. To build the hearts and brains of such systems, we need individuals who combine engineering and research abilities to apply a mix of techniques from machine learning and statistics on a large distributed scale.

Position Details

In this position, you will focus your Stats/ML algorithm design skills on improving search results while working closely with software engineering members. Recognizing potential applications of ML and statistical methods for the settings where nobody realized them before will address most of the challenges that you will meet; but in the end this is an algorithm design position, thus prior experience in designing novel ML algorithms or statistical methods will drastically improve your success rate. Ideally, you are familiar with dynamic choice of state abstraction / learning state space representation / utile distinctions methods and ready to implement them on large scale.

Your algorithm designs will have to embed the business values the systems are expected to abide.

- Demonstrably increase business value of e-commerce search by designing and improving
feedback loop algorithms.
- As a data scientist, cooperate with developers and business staff.
- Design highly available systems while cooperating with operation staff.

Mandatory Qualifications:

- Ph.D. or equivalent practical experience in Statistics, Machine Learning, Applied Mathematics, Physics, Optimal Control, Computer Science or other quantitative science.
- Strong software development ability in Java, Python or other general purpose language(s)
- Excellent communication skills

Desired Qualifications:

- Reinforcement Learning, statistical machine learning, or categorical data analysis background
- 5+ years actionable data analysis experience, preferably in e-commerce
- Experience working with very large data sets
- Experience with distributed systems
- Working knowledge of NoSQL storage technologies and Hadoop ecosystem

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English (Overall - 4 - Fluent)

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