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Senior Data Scientist / Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning / AI/ML Scientist

Senior Data Scientist / Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning / AI/ML Scientist
Malvern, PA
85,000 - 150,000
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Job Description

Advance your career and our mission

As a Senior Data Scientist / Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning / AI/ML Scientist, you will work with a highly innovative and vibrant team of Data Scientists in developing the next generation AI/ML enabled Financial Advice solutions for Vanguard. You will apply your analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cloud technologies knowledge to create foundations for the next generation of smart and cloud connected platform and services. This work will transform how financial advice is made accessible to the masses. With great freedom to innovate, you will play a leading role in world-class research that will drive the future of Vanguard’s artificial intelligence and machine learning. You will make a difference by leading and innovating new AI based systems and services that power our financial advice business. You will team up with business stakeholders to prioritize innovation ideas and work with other data scientists to develop and deliver breakthrough solutions. In addition, you will coach, mentor, and guide junior data scientists to help them excel and advance their career development.

In this role you will

You will be working with a dynamic team of Innovators, AI engineers and data scientists that are at the forefront of AI/ML application for the company. You will be working at our Malvern Campus, focusing on researching and developing leading-edge analytics enabled solutions for our AI based financial Advice platform; including applying smart algorithms, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and cloud technologies. The team works closely with subject matter experts in investment methodology and economic theory.

Vanguard has been changing the way the world invests for over 40 years, as a company we’re committed to improving the lives of our clients. We’re using AI and ML to create experiences and services that will help more people than ever reach their goals. As an Advice Principal Data Scientist you’ll be responsible for helping trail blaze AI/ML at Vanguard – some of the most important work we’ve ever done as a company.

Your Challenge:

You will be challenged to be influential and make a positive difference on a global scale, working on a team that is purely focused on AI/ML Research. Strong communication skills are essential to deliver your message globally across various stakeholders/teams with diverse backgrounds and focus areas spanning research, development, engineering, business, and management. You will be working in a very agile, dynamic environment leading/supporting ongoing activities while starting new ones. Therefore, success in this role requires excellent multitasking and time management skills. We look to you to surprise us in building breakthrough AI-enabled systems leveraging modern AI techniques to create value from the data collected and generated by our base systems. These AI enabled systems and services will allow us to provide highly individualized advice at a massive scale.

You will apply your advanced data analytics, artificial intelligence/machine learning knowledge and experience to interact with stakeholders, identify new problems and opportunities, develop innovative propositions, contribute to intellectual property, and build and pilot first-of-its-kind demonstrators. You will play a strong role in shaping our agenda.

What it takes

  • PhD in Computer Science, Statistics, Machine Learning, Data Science, Electrical Engineering or related field, with 2+ years of experience in developing and implementing AI/ML related projects

  • Strong technical skills on machine learning/AI with proven track record. These technical skills include, but not limited to, regression techniques, neural networks, decision trees, clustering, pattern recognition, probability theory, stochastic systems, Bayesian inference, statistical techniques, deep learning, supervised learning, unsupervised learning

  • Strong technical knowledge on big data technologies, cloud, and opensource software tools

  • Outstanding track record of successful solutions design in the digital space

  • Experienced in using AI/ML platforms, technologies, techniques (e.g. TensorFlow, Apache MXnet, Theano, Keras, CNTK, scikit-learn, H2O, Spark MLlib, etc).

  • Proficiency with SQL and NoSQL databases

  • Proficiency with scalable data extraction tools (e.g. Cassandra, MongoDB)

  • Proficiency with Scala, Spark, Java and/or SAS

About Vanguard

We are Vanguard. Together, we’re changing the way the world invests.

For us, investing doesn’t just end in value. It starts with values. Because when you invest with courage, when you invest with clarity, and when you invest with care, you can get so much more in return. We invest with purpose – and that’s how we’ve become a global market leader. Here, we grow by doing the right thing for the people we serve. And so can you.

We want to make success accessible to everyone. This is our opportunity. Let’s make it count.

Inclusion Statement

Vanguard’s continued commitment to diversity and inclusion is firmly rooted in our culture. Every decision we make to best serve our clients, crew (internally employees are referred to as crew), and communities is guided by one simple statement: “Do the right thing.”

We believe that a critical aspect of doing the right thing requires building diverse, inclusive, and highly effective teams of individuals who are as unique as the clients they serve. We empower our crew to contribute their distinct strengths to achieving Vanguard’s core purpose through our values.

When all crew members feel valued and included, our ability to collaborate and innovate is amplified, and we are united in delivering on Vanguard's core purpose.

Our core purpose: To take a stand for all investors, to treat them fairly, and to give them the best chance for investment success.

Future of Work

During the pandemic, we transitioned to a work from home model for the majority of our crew and we continue to interview, hire, and on-board future crew remotely.

As we have developed the path forward, we have taken a thoughtful approach that both maximizes the advantages of working remotely and the many benefits of coming together and collaborating in a shared workspace. We believe that in-person interactions among our crew are important for preserving our unique culture and advantageous for the personal development of our crew.

When our Crew return to the office, many will work in our hybrid model. A smaller proportion of our crew will operate in the Work from Home work model (for example, field sales crew); or in the Work from Office model (for example, portfolio managers).

The working model that your role falls into will be communicated to you in the interview process – please do ask if you are unsure. We encourage you to make the decision regarding your job interview and offer knowing which model your role will fall into. We will test and learn as our ways of working evolve and will continue to evaluate working models along the way.

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