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Senior Data Scientist

Clover Health
Senior Data Scientist
115,000 - 190,000
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Job Description

Clover is reinventing healthcare by working to keep people healthier.

Clover's Data Science team is charged with leveraging our data—our most important asset—to generate value for our members. From observing how the member experience impacts clinical results to making our home visits more efficient, our team pushes out automated and statistical insights central to building on our main mission. We build the machine learning models and expert systems that back our operational processes and web applications while designing and running experiments and generating analyses to promote good decisions and demonstrate impact. And our impact is tremendous: you'll be able to point to one of our members and say, “I helped make that person's life better.”

We’re looking for a Data Scientist to help us build a revolutionary new health care company. We build the machine learning models and expert systems that back our operational processes and web applications while designing and running experiments and generating analyses to encourage good decisions and demonstrate impact.

As a Data Scientist, you will:

  • Devise and reason about local and global metrics as well as account for biases and confounds.
  • Deliver workable and holistic insights, accounting for risk and variance.
  • Complete and implement bug-free code that works in harmony with Clover’s data framework. You can expand this framework using a clear and consistent data model.
  • Identify the problem space and use this information to inform good decisions about product scope and implementation options in order to ship genuine benefits for the business.
  • Communicate technical work and assumptions clearly to both technical and non-technical audiences, including status updates and blockers.
  • Build a unified and effective cross-functional environment. “Get to yes” with senior leaders to meet needs the initial path does not work.

You will love this job if:

  • You want to create impact with your work by finding insights in the data that unlock value and improve clinical results.
  • You have a strong cognizance of how to structure analyses and experiments to produce interpretable and pragmatic results.
  • You reason holistically. From project scope to priority to implementation, you'll have an impact on how decisions get made.
  • You are comfortable acting autonomously in ambiguous and changing environments.
  • You are bold in the face of messy data, and adept at programmatically structuring and cleaning records collected from the real world.
  • You aim to automate as much as possible, yet appreciate the value of explicitly incorporating human decisions into the systems you build.
  • You have just as much interest in helping other people move faster as you do building your own analyses.

You should get in touch if:

  • You have 4+ years of relevant experience or education equivalent (i.e. Masters degree plus 2+ years of relevant experience).
  • You have an advanced degree in a quantitative field, especially dealing with complex data-driven results.
  • You have a strong foundation in probability and statistics, and demonstrated facility with machine learning tools, including SQL and python, as well as statistical and machine learning packages.
  • You have demonstrated success mapping project goals to data solutions and have delivered business value with your technical work.
  • You can proactively manage project scope, and actively look for fast-path solutions to apply your ideas.
  • You have logical heuristics and business sense sufficient to allow you to evaluate possible solutions quickly without exhaustively running down leads.
  • You have successfully demonstrated communication of technical findings to both technical and non-technical audiences. You consider communication of your work as fundamentally important to realizing value.
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