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Senior Quantitative Researcher

Maven Securities
Senior Quantitative Researcher
Chicago, US
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Job Description

Who we are:

We deploy Market Making strategies on listed Options and Futures on multiple exchanges globally and consistently ranked within the top three liquidity providers on the exchanges and markets we are mature in. We utilize our in-house ultra-low latency and high performant trading platforms to provide best in class pricing and liquidity to markets. Our traders are passionate about creating innovative solutions and push the boundaries of quantitative trading. We value creativity and are aggressive to capitalise on opportunities and take proven strategies to the next level. We empower our team members and maximise their ability to succeed by offering an environment that is open, collaborative and supportive.

The role:

As a Senior Quantitative Researcher, you will lead projects that have a direct impact on our trading performance. You will work collaboratively with other researchers and traders from various scientific fields and prestigious academic institutions, to develop innovative real-time trading models and solutions for low latency trading systems for exchange-traded options and futures. You will share your knowledge and expertise with other researchers to tackle various challenging projects including but not limited to option pricing models, volatility modelling and fitting, trading parameter optimization and event modelling.

What we’re looking for:

Academic degree in applied mathematics, engineering or physics Relevant programming experience (Python, C++, Git) Minimum 3 years of experience in financial markets and securities, particularly options and futures Ability to research advanced algorithms, develop predictive models and verify complex hypotheses using large datasets Ability to implement methods to visualize multidimensional data and develop real-time performance measurement tools Proactive interest in improving existing trading strategies and identifying new opportunities Excellent business communication skills and the ability to solve new and unfamiliar problems quickly and creatively An innovative and inspirational leader Why you should apply:

Rare opportunity to take a high level of responsibility at a fast-growing global trading firm Opportunity to be highly involved in the decisions that shape our trading Flexible research environment to iterate on your ideas quickly and see the impact of your work in production Leadership opportunities as the team grow Great engineering environment where technology, creativity and innovation is key to our success An environment where you’re empowered and supported to achieve your ambitions Friendly, informal and highly rewarding culture The upside of a start-up without the associated risks

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