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Statistical Arbitrage Analyst

Flow Traders
Statistical Arbitrage Analyst
New York, US
150,000 - 150,000
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Job Description

Use knowledge of how different financial products (fixed income securities, equities, digital assets, currencies, etc.) behave under macroeconomic environments & use statistical skills (modeling probability distributions, regression & correlation analysis) to formulate & develop innovative automated & semi-automated trading strategies through in-depth collaboration with software engineers. Manage & optimize the ensuing daily position (pricing & trading) in financial products (equities, bonds, derivatives & complex structured products), monitor markets & make split second portfolio adjustments. Build trading models with data analysis on price, yield, stability, future investment-risk trends, economic influences & other factors affecting internal portfolios & implement trading models to execute automated & semi-automated ETF strategy, & optimize realized executions. Apply trading strategies to opportunities in financial markets & manage trading positions. Monitor fundamental economic, industrial, & corporate developments & global financial factors, movements & geopolitical developments to make timely decisions. Research international markets for new business opportunities & market environments for ETF execution decisions. Use statistical software tools to analyze financial data, spot trends, & develop forecasts. Work with Business Development to establish relationships with trading exchanges, ETF issuers, & brokers/dealers. Synchronize work b/w Quantitative Research, Trading Technology & Operations, and Software Development depts to uncover new opportunities, improve internal system speed stability, & augment existing trade execution & risk management processes. Collaborate with Risk & Middle Office Department to determine & optimize capital allocation between strategies & teams to maximize risk-adjusted returns.

Req: bachelor’s in mathematics, statistics, economics, engineering, finance, technology or related field plus 3 years of experience in similar duties/technical capabilities.

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