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Maven Securities
Chicago, US
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Job Description

Trader (Maven Securities US Limited, Chicago, IL)

THE ROLE: Trade S&P options, VIX futures, and market making VIX options. Build tools and models to aid trading. Monitor the risk exposures that result from the activity of each relevant trading desk and adjust volatility parameters as required to ensure that Maven's pricing is in line with the market. Set the trading parameters of the execution systems used by Maven to ensure competitive participation in the marketplace. Follow the trading flow to ensure optimal positioning to absorb the supply and demand disbalances that occasionally drive market prices. Develop and maintain a daily trading plan to anticipate various trading scenarios and set out intended courses of action depending on each outcome. Monitor key trading statistics to ensure that trading activities are appropriately adjusted as soon as deviation from prescribed KPIs becomes apparent. Liaise with brokers, assess pricing structures, and provide up-to-the-minute pricing quotes based on market conditions and data analysis. Monitor the trading behavior and determine whether the quoting behaviors of the systems are sound and competitive based on a thorough understanding of the market and relevant data. Make adjustments to trading logic, for example by utilizing Actant software, which uses unique algorithmic programming to assist with trading decisions, by preparing or requesting the relevant change to the quoting script and following through with its implementation and release into production and by making changes to internal trading systems. Identify and implement modifications to internal trading systems, including assessing the logic amendment required, formulating a request, discussing with key stakeholders, including the Head of Desk, submitting feature change requests, and working with the technology team to see the change through implementation. Establish and refine metrics that enable the trading desk to assess the pricing dislocation in risk factors relevant to the desk: implied vs realized volatility, implied vs realized skew, kurtosis, and future spread level. Investigate trades that challenge the competitiveness or the sound functioning of systems through detailed and thorough review of to-the-microsecond and order-by-order market data, and make improvements to that research framework.

WHAT WE’RE LOOKING FOR: Requires Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Finance, Physics, Engineering, Mathematics, or a related field of study, plus three (3) years of experience with trading options; Excel including conditional formatting, advanced manipulation (INDEX, MATCH, OFFSET), matrix manipulation (MMULT, MINVERSE); Python including statistical libraries (pandas, numpy), http (requests library); managing risk on a portfolio; market making; coding; and, statistical analysis.


  • Amazing opportunity to be a key member of a highly committed employee-owned trading firm.
  • The upside of start-up without the associated risks.
  • Great friendly, informal and highly rewarding culture.
  • Informal dress code.
  • Fast growing global firm with plenty of opportunity where you will have significant impact.
  • Benefits: Medical, Dental, Vision Insurance coverage for employees and their dependents. 401k with employer match. Short Term Disability, Long Term Disability, and Life Insurance. Annual learning and development stipend.
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