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Trader: OCaml Experience

Jane Street
Trader: OCaml Experience
New York, US
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Job Description


OCaml Experience

Jane Street Group, LLC has openings for Traders - multiple openings in New York, NY.

The position duties are as follows: Work as part of a team to seek out and trade on pricing inefficiencies, develop models, manage risk, investigate new products, and push into new business areas. Day-to-day job duties include:

  • Responsible for executing the firm’s proprietary and bespoke strategies in trading various financial instruments in global markets;
  • Continuously update and maintain a proprietary trading system that facilitates trading of these financial instruments across global market;
  • Trading and pricing special situations and corporate actions in various global markets;
  • Liaising with our global office traders about trading opportunities and their expectancy/risks as pertains to the firm’s proprietary valuation and trading methods;
  • Responsible for maintaining competitive markets and providing real liquidity for financial instruments being traded;
  • Exercising discretion with respect to firm risk limits in all trading situations;
  • Maintaining and expanding active communication/trading with brokers who specialize in the financial instrument being traded, and research and develop new strategies for trading various financial instruments in their respective markets;
  • Maintaining responsibility for building and maintaining complex spreadsheets and databases that are crucial to real time pricing, and market making of financial instruments being traded;
  • Leverages strong understanding of trading strategies and behavior in the relevant markets, and significant knowledge of Excel, Bloomberg, VBA, UNIX, Bash, OCaml, and PostgreSQL.;
  • Training Junior Traders in Jane Street’s trading methodology and culture; and
  • Actively interviews and recruits new Traders to join Jane Street.

The position requires a 3 or 4 year Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, Physics, Engineering, Computer Science, or a related scientific or quantitative field or foreign equivalent plus 1 year of experience as an assistant trader or similar role. Experience must include the following:

  1. conducting trade entry, trade reporting organizing and displaying market data to facilitate trade decisions;
  2. back-testing new trading strategies and conducting paper-trades on new trading strategies;
  3. applying knowledge of Excel, VBA and Bloomberg; and
  4. applying knowledge of UNIX, Bash, OCaml, and PostgreSQL.
  5. Series 7 and Series 57 license required.

Ref. T23

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